Civil Liberties

Christians Urge Mary Cheney to Abort Her Baby


OK, so the headline isn't true, but to hear some of the rhetoric flying around right now I half-expect it to happen by Monday. Item: a press release from Paul Cameron, chairman of the Family Research Institute:

Unmarried women should not deliberately have children. Their children are more apt to experience privation and disruption. Consequently, such children are more apt to do poorly in school, disrupt society (e.g., engage in criminality), and be personally troubled. These wrongs are compounded when the child is brought into a homosexual setting….Our society already has too many children born without the benefits of marriage; Cheney's action is not only a bad example, but poor treatment of an innocent child.

Words I never thought I'd write: The most cogent response to this nonsense comes from John Podhoretz. Reacting to a similar statement by one of the Concerned Women for America, he wrote: "This is disgusting. The birth of a child is never unconscionable. Adults who say such things about the impending birth of children are."

Speaking of Podhoretz, he may be the first neocon columnist to be namechecked in a hip hop song. From Papoose's "50 Shots":

John Podhoretz from the New York Post
Wanna know why Bloomberg and Al Sharpton still close
I read his article questioning
Why was Bloomberg surrounded by African-Americans
I guess the loss of a life wasn't major
He called Sharpton a race-baiting cop hater

The rhyme and meter need a little work, but it's a start. Question for the panel: If Bill Kristol and John Podhoretz formed a rap group, which one would take the Chuck D role and which one would be Flavor Flav? (I assume that Professor Griff's chair will remain empty.)