Coming Soon to Congress: Meth-Filled Rooms


As rumored earlier in the year, the new Congress will comport with Washington, DC's smoking ban, which starts on January 2nd. The smoke-filled rooms that have existed since before Henry Clay got to Congress will be no more.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat from smoke-free California and the next speaker of the House, is thinking of banishing tobacco from the most popular smoking spot in the building: the Speaker's Lobby outside the House chamber. "I'm not an advocate of smoking," Pelosi said yesterday, adding that she hadn't yet decided on a ban. "I think it's dangerous to your health."

Waxman says Pelosi's rise to power means the match has been lit. "When the Democrats take over, I expect this to change," he said. "She understands the consequences of secondhand smoke and she's coming from California."

There's a fun story about Rep. Ben Chandler puffing on a stogie while telling a reporter he doesn't smoke, but the post's title comes from this:

"Most people are resigned to the reality that there are fewer and fewer places to do this," said Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.), who smokes one to two packs of cigarettes a day. "Behind every smoker is one who wishes they never started. The problem in this town is if you drop one vice, you'll get a worse one."

At the same time, I guess there'd be something unseemly about smoking being banned everywhere but the corridors of power.

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  1. What I would like to see banned is posts on this topic on Hit and Run.

  2. I support anything that sends congress members to an early grave. Think of it as externally applied term limits.

  3. 1) Jeff P is right on the money. I say, make smoking mandatory in the Capitol building.

    2) Speaker Pelosi obviously does not understand the consequences of second hand smoke…because if she did, she would know that it’s not nearly as bad for you as the stupid smoking nazis would have you believe.

    3) If only we could ban the “vice” of stealing people’s money to fork over to special interests and homestate pork projects. But, yeah, smoking is the problem. Uh huh.

  4. I demand that these posting cease! Move along, nothing to see here!

  5. The problem in this town is if you drop one vice, you’ll get a worse one.

    What is it with these Republicans? If we allow same sex marriage Santorum is gonna start fucking dogs and if McCotter gives up smoking he is gonna start doing FSM knows what.

  6. I disagree – keep posting about this issue. It sums up the issue of gov’t control quite nicely. This issue has nothing to do with smoke, or smoking, it is about alarmism, mob rule, a disdain for the free market, and whiny moral busybodies. Keep screaming it, David.

  7. At the same time, I guess there’d be something unseemly about smoking being banned everywhere but the corridors of power.

    Really? It seems to work for all the other laws Congress has exempted itself from.

  8. Glad this came up as I have not seen the followup on the Reason gathering from last week.

    What makes that relevant? Well, I request that the gatherings be moved to VA where we can still smoke in a bar if we and the owners like!

    I strongly suggest most of the places in Crystal City, other than a Marriott or Ted’s Montana Grille (no smoking at either one). I think Ruth’s Chris is all non-smoking too, but not positive.

    Of course, my favorite Crystal City location is that women’s interperitive dance theater on 23rd St. It would provide the double-plus advantage of revealing just how openn minded all of those hottie ladies who show up to the Reason events really are 🙂

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