Freezers Are For Cash, Not Clones!


Liberal blogger Tim Tagaris (of Ned Lamont fame) is in New Orleans boosting the campaign of Karen Carter, a liberal Democrat trying to unseat crooked Rep. William Jefferson. How's Jefferson battling the allegations that he hid bribes in his freezer and commandeered FEMA resources to evacuate evidence from his home? Like this.

Finally an answer to that modern Sphynx's riddle: "Who's the most loathsome person in D.C. now that Santorum's gone?"

Oh, and this is a pretty amusing example of what happens to your campaign when you've never run a competitive race before and no one wants to help you out. Jefferson's district is 64 percent black; maybe a little less since Hurricane Katrina. Almost all the images in the ad are stock footage of smiling white couples, babies and doctors. Compare that to Carter's ad.