John McCain

Romney Endorsed By Zelig


Rich Lowry notices this latest coup by handsome Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Kevin Madden, press secretary for House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), is leaving Capitol Hill to join Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's (R) exploratory committee for a 2008 presidential bid.

But how much of a coup is this? I first spoke to Madden for a story about the PATRIOT Act in 2005, when he a spokesman for the Justice Department. A month later I e-mailed him to check some quotes and got a bounceback—Madden had left the DOJ for the office of Majority Leader Tom DeLay. He stuck with DeLay through most of his turmoil, then jumped to join… the office of John Boehner. And now that Boehner is out of power, Madden will work for a guy who maybe, possibly, if John McCain pulls a Greg Stillson, will be president. He's a one-man history of GOP decline!


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  1. Man, that is mean post. It is amazing the number of mediocrities in Washington. Daddy was rich and bought my way into the right college. I knew the right people in college and of course mommy and daddy introduced me to Senator or Representative good for nothing who let me intern at his office in the summer. I then got out of college and took a low paying job as a hill rat but still afforded to live the good life in Washington thanks to mommy and daddy’s checks. I met more of the right people and the next thing you know my side wins and election and I become a political appointee at a federal agency at which I am not qualified to work at an entry level position let alone the important job I have. Then, on the basis of being the guy who knows Senator good for nothing and had the important job at the Bureau of National Bullshit, I get another important job. Throughout the entire process no one bothers to notice that I am really don’t know much.

    Of course people like this have always existed. They are generally pretty harmless as long as they realize that they really don’t try to act like they know what they are doing. It is the ones who really start to believe that they got where they are because they are so smart that become really dangerous.

  2. Actually, I somewhat disagree. Glibness, a shark’s instincts, and good hair will get you a long ways in Washington, regardless of your background.

  3. “Glibness, a shark’s instincts, and good hair will get you a long ways in Washington, regardless of your background.”

    Maybe I need to go to Washington. I don’t know about the hair, but I certainly have the shark instincts and the glib part down.

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