You Won't Have O.J. To Kick Around Anymore


Just reported on Fox News—NewsCorp has cancelled its planned O.J. Simpson special, "If I Did It," and pulped the book upon which it was based.

But we'll always have our memories. Read Brian Doherty on the book here, and look back with laughter at Mark Fuhrman's bout of un-self consciousness.

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  1. No way…. NO WAY…

    He WILL confess before he dies. And stopping this book will not change that. *shaking fist*

  2. Why is it so difficult closing the big-titted, bottle-blonde, Christmas bitch pop-up ad?

  3. What? This happened without the government censoring it? I’m sooooo confused.

    Actually, some firm will publish it, some stores will stock it, and some idiots will buy it. Gotta taake the bad with the good.

  4. Bill-Get Firefox. Install the Adblock, and NoScript extensions. The pop-ups, banners, and the rest will go away.

  5. Yeah, you guys are sick. Why do you have that stupid bitch with her big ass tits that pops up as an ad that can not be closed? Who wants to look at that shit anyway? You guys running this board suck moose dung juice for putting that on the screen without warning. I’m pissed.

  6. What No. 6 said. I didn’t even realize that Reason had any adverts. And I’m not the only one – recently Slashdot linked to some article, not realizing it served a nasty pop-up because the editors didn’t test it in MSIE.

  7. I want to know why you have a picture of some fat guy in a red suit peddling Reason mag and not me in my cute little elf outfit!

  8. This is good. I thought that the hoo-hah over this book and interview was distracting O.J. too much from his search for the real killer.

  9. This OJ show sounded like it was in such bad taste that I really wanted to watch it. Fuckin’ MSM can’t do ANYTHING right.

  10. You know, the last time I read a book that talked about how he “WOULD” have done a crime, it pretty much matched the course of criminal events that this person was either charged with or convicted of. That person, by the way, was Ted Bundy.

  11. I would have read it. Wouldn’t have bought it, wouldn’t have read the whole thing probably, but would have taken it off the shelf at Borders and speed-read the murder parts.

  12. Daze,

    I believe you mean “alleged” murder parts. Or perhaps “hypothetically, if I had been there” murder parts.

    On that note, the editor for that book must have had to read it at least a dozen times to make sure she got all the “allegedlies” and “hypotheticallies” in there.

  13. WTH, I have never ever had a popup from this site and I mostly use IE. No big titted bitches, all I see is Santa. I’m almost mad I am not seeing it.

  14. I cant see the adds either, so for a while i thought the oj book was a popup book with big titted blondes.

    i’ve lost interest now

  15. RPG-
    You aren’t the only one wondering that.

  16. Reason Pillow Girl

    We have all learned our lessons. We will no longer be patriarchal oppressors objectifying women for our sexual gratification.

  17. Hmmm, I always thought that an RPG was a rocket propelled grenade.

  18. Hmmm, I always thought that an RPG was a rocket propelled grenade.

    Oh, she is, TWC. She is.

  19. One thing I’m wondering is if Mr. Knife Guy is still getting paid.

    It is truly a sad, sad state of affairs that this boner still gets to live like a millionaire and not have any of his fortune touched, even though there’s tens of millions he owes to the people he destroyed.

  20. Mr. Nice Guy — Take a look at this article for the latest on the Goldmans’ efforts to collect:

    As a lawyer, I’m really amazed that the Goldmans’ lawyers haven’t been able to pin that bastard down for a deposition and other discovery in aid of execution (of the civil judgment, that is). If he doesn’t show up, fine him or jail him for contempt. That’s what happens to regular Joes.

  21. You know, the only people’s lives he really destroyed are beyond compensation. Yeah, he killed a beloved member of the Goldman family, but did he truly destroy their lives?

  22. LJJ:

    C’mon. Imagine someone extremely important to you being butchered by a lunatic, and said lunatic spending the rest of his days sunning himself on the golf course, not being held accountable in the slightest.

  23. Had it turned out to be true that all proceeds from the book and show would have gone to O.J.’s children, it’s unfortunate that the whole deal was cancelled, since they are arguably the biggest victims in all of this and most deserving of some sort of compensation.

  24. Nice Guy, I’m not disputing your point, merely your rhetoric. The money he owes is largely punitive, not compensatory. I’m always a bit uncomfortable when people say that companionship and family are worth X amount of dollars.

    If OJ had written them a check and walked away, would they still be making public waves like this?

  25. I’m assuming you guys aren’t black, because black America knows O.J. didn’t do it. That, or they know he did it but are happy he got away with it. Take your pick.

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