Civil Liberties

OJ Simpson. There, I Said It


Having no particularly startling things to say on the topic, other than I support everyone's right to write and sell objectionable and doubtless crappy books, and everyone else's right to complain and refuse to sell or buy them, it seemed we might be remiss not to allow our loyal commenters to have a place to sound off on this vital matter. (Feel free to prove me wrong, if you so desire.)

This New York Daily News story covers the basics of booksellers' impotent rage, Judith Regan's beaten-girlfriend-motivated, totally public-service-based desire to publish the girlfriend-slashing confessions/fantasies of OJ, and the interesting detail that she sold it as a pig in a poke to many booksellers, who were apparently relatively eager to purchase "Untitled by Anonymous" when it comes from ReganBooks (owned by Rupert Murdoch, for what it's worth.) Last time I encountered that sort of sales technique was from indie rock label Touch n' Go when I was a buyer at Hyde and Zeke records in Gainesville, Fla. back in 1988ish–it turned out to be the debut single by Steve Albini's post-Big Black combo, the regrettably named "Rapeman." I ordered 5, and could have sold more. I'm not sure there's a lesson in this.