Tobacco Tar


Michael Siegel offers tips for suppressing dissent within the anti-smoking movement.


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  1. That’s supposed to be satire, right?


  2. nope, I believe it is not.

    I have been the subject of many of those techniques, from left wing bicycling clubs who hated my non-collectivist activities, to the extent that I had to leave to retain my self respect.

    Also from a pro-gun email list a few years back, here in NJ, over my pro-church-state-separation arguments against an early proponent of Dominionist ideology that wanted to impose coercive prayer into the public schools. (to the list owners credit, he did not agree with me that I knew of, but refused to knuckle under to the christianist demands I be silenced).

    So I am familiar with all those tactice, and indeed have recently lost interest in participating in the American Atheists nogodblog because of them.

    They can be very effective against those, like me, who are not full time activists. I do not need the agravation, and get nothing out of it.

  3. Sounds a lot like the tactics of the folks who promote human induced global warming.

  4. “By any means neccessary.”

    Learned that lesson a little late, eh Mikey?

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