Michael Medved Shits Himself Again…


Really, it seems to happen almost every time the suspiciously  mustachioed, self-confessed soap stealer rushes into print. But here he is railing against not only the

"kooks and crazies" and "fringies and fanatics" who run for office as "Losertarians," "Green weenies," and members of the "Constipation Party" (haw haw haw) but the equally deranged fucktards who vote for such enemies of the Republican Party's congressional majority.

That's the real issue here, of course, for GOP enthusiast Medved: That third party candidates–such as Libertarian Stan "Blue Man" Jones, who is certainly at least as deranged as, say, Jim Bunning and considerably less deranged than, say, Mark Foley –get in the way of Republican power.

As with all Medvediana, this recent fulmination is best experienced as an immersive event. But here are some snippets:

In Virginia, Democrat Jim Webb appeared to beat Republican Incumbent George Allen by a tiny margin of less than 7.000 votes. Meanwhile, 26,000 votes went to the "Common Sense Conservative" candidate of the mighty Grass Roots Party, who identified herself as Gail "For Rail" Parker. If two-out-of-three of the votes that went to this devoutly Christian, retired Air Force Officer (whose big issue was building more train lines) would otherwise have gone to George Allen, then her utterly meaningless candidacy handed control of the Senate to Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, and Barbara Boxer…

The egomaniacs who get their jollies by running oddball campaigns for high office have a right to their dreams and their obsessions, but the rest of us have a right to a sane political selection process that's free (in its final, all important stages) from distortion, distraction and destruction by self-indulgent fools with no real support.

Whole thing here.