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Third Partyin' the Night Away


For those who want to keep up with what's happening with American politics other options, the Libertarian Party's main page is promising every-five-minute updates on how they are doing (and they are already reporting wins in the Juneau Assembly in Alaska, the Rapides Island water board in Louisiana, the Hardeeville, South Carolina, city council, and the Wilson County commission in Tennessee).

I surveyed some of the more interesting LP races yesterday.


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  1. 1. Programmers are disproportionately libertarian.
    2. Programmers control computers.
    3. Computers run elections.
    4. Therefore, the LP is going to win everywhere.

    Brian, on to more important topics. Is there anyway the Gators repeat this year? Or can you speak openly in UCLA country about Florida awesomeness?

  2. More likely:

    1. Programmers are disproportionately libertarian.
    2. Programmers control computers.
    3. Computers run elections.
    4. Computer programs almost never work as intended or desired. Therefore,
    5. LP candidates will lose everywhere.

  3. 1. Programmers are disproportionately libertarian.
    2. Programmers control computers.
    3. Computers run elections.
    4. Libertarians are all science fiction geeks.
    5. Therefore, the crew of the Enterprise will be elected to Congress.

  4. Of the twelve votes I cast today, three were for libertarians. I would have cast more, but that’s all the state LP could muster.

  5. Jennifer,

    I got caught slightly off guard when I voted (last week). Instead of something telling me that Captain Freedom is a Libertarian, my screen just listed him as NPA (No Party Affiliation). I haven’t been following things very closely this time around, so I’m not sure why that was (though a quick look indicates the possibility of LP infighting being to blame–go figure). The Reform candidate for governor was clearly labeled as such.

    The bad news is that I couldn’t recall the name of every LP candidate, so I may have accidentally voted Communist or Nazi. Oh, well. It doesn’t matter anyway, because I took this election so unseriously that I voted for Harris, even though I think she’s a kook. I laughed as I touched the screen, which I’m sure upset the precinct workers. Too bad.

  6. Georgia has more candidates than most states, so I did my civic duty and voted for those on the ballot. In the local newspaper, they interviewed candidates and asked them several questions. One of which was inane, but the responses were enlightening. They asked which TV personality they most identified with. A lot said “Jack Bauer”. For some reason that alarms me. The libertarians had two of the best answers. Garrett Hayes said “Monk”. Allen Buckley said “Montgomery Burns”. At least they were original.

    Voted for two D’s in local races just because their R opponents ran dispicable ads. I think we should all punish people like that. Of course, that would leave a lot of offices unfilled, but that would suit me fine too.

  7. Jennifer:

    I voted for the three LP candidates for the constitutional offices, and Phil for US Rep.

    As for the rest:

    Governor: me (with cousin Shaun for Lieutenant)
    US Senate: me
    State House (131st): me
    State Senate (32nd): me
    AG: ME

    The only major party candidate who got my vote was running for local probate judge (and I happen to know the individual in question, and regard the office as pretty limited in scope, so… why not?)

    I absolutely refused to vote for either candidate in the pointless “race” for Registrar of Voters.


  8. Woohoo! Go Gators! Another question, dear to the hearts of both Gators and Bruins – can anyone break Stanford’s undead grip on the Director’s Cup?

  9. peachy,

    It won’t be Florida, even if we win the football title, too. The whole scam is that there are sports that many of the non-Stanford major universities don’t even compete in. Like tackle volleyball 🙂

  10. holy shit libertarians can run in local elections and win?!?!?!

    Who would have thought?

    Well no one here at reason hit and run anyway.

  11. I voted a straight LP ticket here in California. Actually, the libs ran someone for every statewide office (not shown on the LP Website) and the state legislative slots — at least in my precinct. No chance any of them will win, of course, but it just feeeeels so good to do it.

  12. Crusader Rabbit,
    Also in California, I voted almost straight ticket (we even had Libertarians in our SS and SA seats), I say almost, because even though I like Lynnette Shaw a lot, I voted, for the first time in my life for a non-libertarian, I really want Tom McClintock to win, I have mentioned before that I will cross parties as long as
    a) The candidate in question is not part of the party currently in majority control of the jurisdiction (i.e. their full platform , good and bad, is not likely to get passed) and
    b) his/her most passionate positions are ones that are Libertarian compatible (i.e. he’d be willing to compromise on others) and
    c) the vote for that office is close (i.e. my vote might actually make a difference).
    These rules seldom coincide, but in this case, they did.

  13.’s not just these big party races…we have a new Liberterian party member voted in as lieutenant water commisioner here in Bug Tussle, NC!

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