Pelosi Derangement Syndrome


This was the year that Nancy Pelosi, an annoying but not exceptionally obnoxious politician, became an officially designated demon on the right, suitable for mentioning in the same breath as Saddam Hussein, Dan Rather, or the Daily Kos. Today, as Team Red learns whether all those attacks have paid off, let us look back at the campaign and ask: What is the single silliest thing any Republican candidate, flunky, or pundit-publicist has said about the horrors of a Pelosi speakership?

I nominate this article in The American Spectator, which says Pelosi might plunge into legalizing man-boy love. Here's the argument:

1. Pelosi once marched near NAMBLA booster Harry Hay in the San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Parade.

2. Her office refused to comment on the subject.

3. …actually, that's all there is.

Further nominations are welcome.