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LP "Spoils" House Seat for GOP!


Without questioning the usual presumption that an LP vote would have gone GOP if not for the LP option–though I do think it's highly questionable–I note that in the race for Indiana's District 9 House seat, Democrat challenger Baron Hill is beating Republican incumbent Mike Sodrel 49 to 47–with Libertarian Eric Schansberg at 4 percent. For those GOPers who do think LP votes rightfully belong to them, for whatever delusional reason, a genuine spoiler moment.

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  1. I live in OR. Any call on K-Man vs. Saxton? I’m sure the LP has a Gov. candidate. There was the last time, and his 1 point spread about covered the difference.

  2. Without questioning…
    …though I do think it’s highly questionable…
    …for whatever delusional reason…


  3. OK, I questioned it. But I did not do so rigorously! (Mostly because, as far as I know, there isn’t any rigorous data on the point of who LP voters “would” have voted for had they not had the LP option—if anyone knows of any, let me know.)

  4. Well I’d argue that the “economic anarchist” libertarian vote would usually go to the republican whereas the dopertarian vote would either not be a vote at all or go to another 3rd party.Still I love these “spoilers”-maybe teach the ‘pubs a lesson in the political value of limited government.

  5. I can only offer anecdotal evidence in that I have in the past voted for Norm Macdonald and Voltron, and know personally a gentleman who wrote in “RZA”, “Robert Diggs”, and “Bobby Digital” one by one.

  6. I live in N. Kentucky, and everyone I know can hardly find anything nice to say about Sodrel. I’m not weeping into my hankercheif– in fact, since I am pullling for divided government, I would like to applaud the LP for spoiling a GOP chance.

    BTW, I voted Libertarian in Louisville, thus possibly denying Anne Northup a win. Again, no tears.

  7. I think the “usual presumption” is wrong. I know loads of people who will vote for Democrats or Libertarians but never Republicans. I think it’s because these people (myself included) place more importance on social issues than economic ones. Then again I stopped voting in 2004 so what do I know.

  8. I split my ballot between Dems and Libs. No way I’m voting for any Texas Republicans.

  9. I could definitely get behind a RZA-GZA 2008 ticket.

    Too bad ODB isn’t around for a cabinet position.

  10. With all the calls in this election for libertarians to vote for Democrats, of course the assumption that most voters for an LP nominee would otherwise have voted GOP is dubious!

  11. Given the available polling data, it appears that I was getting more votes from Hill than Sodrel– ironically, keeping Sodrel in the race.

    This is also consistent with the issues I emphasized in the race– fiscal conservatism for traditional GOP voters, but quickest out of Iraq and ways in which the govt harms the working poor and middle class for traditional DEM voters. I had good reasons for voters in both camps to leave their normal choices.

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