What the Smart Set Will Be Wearing To the Polls Tomorrow


The always-entertainin' Mr Sun has created several voter-to-candidate buttons to wear while voting tomorrow. One sample below but go check out the whole collection, which includes buttons featuring the slogans "Why Can't Robots Be Elected?"; "You Embarrass Me"; "Back Away From My Son/Daughter"; and many more.

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  1. He’s missing one with the eternal “Don’t blame me; I voted for Kodos” slogan.

  2. “Your lips are moving”
    “Your lips are moving again”
    “I don’t believe a word you say”
    “Many blood-sucking parasites”

  3. I agree, AC. After all, bloggers are legally obligated to make Simpsons jokes at least once every five posts.

  4. I’m kind of disappointed, should he at least have 1 “Kneel before ZOD” button?

  5. I’m letting my ballot card do all the talking for me: I’m writing in straight “None Of The Above” ticket tomorrow along with a two “no’s” (“No” on Wisconin’s anti-gay marriage amendment and “no” on the proposed death penalty) along with a “yes” (Bring the troops back home.) on the referendums.

  6. MNPundit,

    For those that can write in candidates, Zod is willing to accept your puny votes for any office until he takes complete power in 2008. Zod is capable of handling many positions of power at once. Yet another reason voting Zod for President makes such good sense. And it is the best way to protect your families from being relocated to the surface of the Moon. Zod loves you all, but he demands respect. And your vote.

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