Gingrich Finally Comes Begging for My Help


The Republican National Congressional Committee urgently needs my help. Or so says Newt Gingrich, in an election-eve appeal for money I received today. Can they really cash my check fast enough to hire an extra get-out-the-vote worker tomorrow? Or is the desperate begging just a way of encouraging Republicans to vote? "The battle for the majority is in your hands," says Newt. I wish. He continues:

If the Democrats gain control of Congress, ultra-liberal Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi will become Speaker of the House. This left-wing Congresswoman will be third in line to the presidency if she becomes speaker. The prospect of Pelosi bringing San Francisco values and a foreign policy attitude of weakness, appeasement and surrender would be a disaster for the country….If the Democrats win the majority, our country's top leaders will be men and women who will miss-represent their constituents in Washington.

Don't the folks at the RNCC know how to spell misrepresent? Or is that a clever allusion to the fact that Pelosi has a vagina? In that case, given her San Francisco values, shouldn't it be ms.-represent? Am I miss-ing something?