Late Friday Fun Link: Hey, That's Terrific Bass!


I give you, "Will It Blend?"

This one is my favorite.  How much do you think we could pay Michael Jacobson or Morgan Spurlock to drink it?


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  1. I guess the Letterman generation has grown up and gotten real jobs.

  2. Growing up in the ’80s-’90s watching Looney Tunes and other then-anachronistic entertainments, I was always fond of the character of the travelling salesman going door-to-door performing ridiculous demonstrations, and was kinda sad I missed out on that. This is a decent trade, though.

  3. Today is the day for Dan Ackroyd references, huh?

  4. Hilarious!

    I have someone in mind for the cocachicken.

  5. Here is an entertaining link for some over the counter technology (sadly no longer available) Wiley Coyote would find useful.

    The Real Acme

    Enetertaining quote from the article

    “Once upon a time in the postwar, before the advent of EPA and OSHA and the Consumer Products Safety Commission and weenies in bike helmets and multilingual warning stickers on stepladders, crazy people walked this earth. Good, fun-loving Americans who knew that “instructions” were something you threw in the trash along with the empty Falstaff bottles.”

  6. AC,

    Do you doubt the power of the Bassomatic?

    Next I’d like someone to integrate Dan’s Julia Child bit. . .a classic.

  7. The video ended before he tried the Mac smoothie. Disappointment.

  8. Without hula-hoop and grinder girl, it just doesn’t have the same “high concept” entertainment value.

  9. Well. As someone who just had his wisdom teeth yanked out, my friends did something very similar for me since I had to miss the b-day party they were having for a friend. Take:

    One large wedge of cheesecake
    Two scoops of chocolate ice cream
    1/8 cup of rasberry sauce
    1/4 cup of milk

    Blend until smooth. All I gotsta say is delicious. Of course, I didn’t quite catch the healthiness (my version of Colbert’s “truthiness”) of it, but it sure was good.

  10. Radley:

    This one is my favorite.

    I dunno, it’s kinda gross.

  11. Mac in a glass! Cool! But that soundtrack was waaaaaaaaay too hip for me. Why do you kids have to ruin everything?

  12. My wife got her jaw broken in a car accident. The blended hamburger was OK, but the chinese food was the best.

  13. Here‘s some more Friday Fun, and not just for the Libertarian canvasser about halfway in. These guys are hilarious.

  14. Here’s something that’s not gross for sure. The Friday Gratuitous New Wave Link! It’s…

    !Wall of Voodoo!

    And just in time for Election Day, with illegal immigration being a hot issue; do you remember this vid?

  15. I realize that this is just an advertisment for blenders, but that’s damn cool looking. Would have been much better if they had gotten a scientist with some actual stage presence to carry out the experiments, though.

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