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In the Washington Times, Shikha Dalmia and Henry "Friday Funnies" Payne report on an anti-racial preferences ballot measure that might go down, 10 years after California's Prop 209.


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  1. Incidentally, the Michigan Libertarian Party’s candidate for gov, Greg Creswell, is the head of the MCRI.

  2. Wow, I’m getting kind of freaked out by the far left’s brownshirt activity. The columbia university riot, and now threatening people with switchblades over politics?

    What is this, 1950s Alabama?

  3. The MCRI will be a close one due to the large number of intellectually/morally/ambitionally challenged African-Americans in Michigan and their spinally/testicularly challenged Caucasian-American co-dependents.

  4. “…the large number of intellectually/morally/ambitionally challenged African-Americans…”

    The best part of this comment is the way the dozens of self-proclaimed “colorblind” anti-affirmative action libertarians spent the next day and a half denouncing such an obviously racist statement.

    Yup, this thread really is a testament to the anti-racist bone fides of affirmative action opponents.

  5. Martin Luther King spoke in favor of affirmative action during his lifetime.

    Maybe, just maybe, the “civil rights” activists devoting their energy to reducing the enrollment of black students at good colleges don’t actually understand his message very well.

    You think?

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