But You Are In That Chair! You Are!


Libertarian Congressional candidate Thomas Rankin Ryan Soderlin is finding multiple sclerosis as troublesome on the campaign trail as it once proved for Jed Bartlet. He's even getting dressed down by Republican Rep. Barbara Cubin.

Thomas Rankin said Cubin approached him after a campaign debate on Sunday and said, "If you weren't sitting in that chair, I'd slap you across the face."

The Cubin campaign did not deny the remark, but a spokesman for the six-term congresswoman said Rankin started the exchange.

"He misrepresented her and insulted her integrity during the debate," Cubin spokesman Eric Cullen said, reading from a prepared statement.

"When she approached him after the debate about it, he said something not very complimentary. She responded. It was a private conversation. She's over it."

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  1. “He misrepresented her and insulted her integrity during the debate,” Cubin spokesman Eric Cullen said, reading from a prepared statement.

    So true….that evil wheel-chair bound candidate insulted her integrity by pointing out that she had taken $22,520 from Tom DeLay’s ARMPAC.

    How dare he tell the truth!

  2. PLEASE tell me he responded with “And if you were a woman I’d defend your freedom of choice.”

  3. Another reason I don’t vote for Republicans… or Democrats, for that matter.

  4. I think Ryan Soderlin is the photographer who took the picture of the candidate, whose name is Thomas Rankin. (Read the article, not the caption!)

    Cubin is a loose cannon of the “western, female Republican” variety. Anyone who can remember Helen Chenoweth (R-ID) will recognize the archetype.

  5. Any guesses how Cubin would describe Rankin’s position on the Iraq War?

  6. Is it possible to insult a Congressperson’s integrity?

  7. joe: “He’ll take the terrorists’ abuse sitting down.”

  8. Libertarian Wheelchair Beatdown!!!

    (Phrase coined by a Poli Sci Prof buddy of mine; I’m stealing it and naming my Meth Metal band with it.)

  9. Give em hell you wheelchair bound warrior of liberty!!

  10. Is this a great year for disabled candidates, or are stupid politicians with working legs just insulting them more this year?

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