Hollywood vs. America


Michael Weldon of Psychotronic Video reviews George W. Bush's career as a movie producer—or, at least, as a name on a production company's board of directors while his dad served as vice president and then president. Weldon wonders,

I'd love to know if GWB did anything besides lend his famous name and share in the profits of these movies. Did he help secure locations, read or approve scripts or make casting suggestions? Did he attend premieres and party with the stars?

I think it's a safe bet that the answer to all those questions is "no," but what fun is that? All you auteurists are invited to find a connecting thread in Bush's filmography, which like his life stretches from Down and Out in Beverly Hills to Good Morning, Vietnam.

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  1. I having this image of W and Robert Evans taking turns doing coke off Lolita Davidovich’s tits…

  2. I having this image of W and Robert Evans taking turns doing coke off Lolita Davidovich’s tits…

    That is just not a picture I want in my head right now. I’m sure Ms. D has better taste, too.

  3. Michael Weldon of Psychotronic Video reviews George W. Bush’s career as a movie producer

    What kind of a-hole uses Leonard Maltin quotes to appraise films? Ugh.

  4. Oh, he’s got a few Medved quotes in there as well.
    Nothing reaps the street cred like quoting Medved…

  5. I think those are in there to see how Bush’s filmography would play with his base. Given the source, I assume the author’s personal preference is the Psychotronic Video Guide.

  6. “THE ROCKATEER (Touchstone) In 1938 Hollywood, a hero (Bill Campbell) with a rocket back pack battles a Nazi actor (Timothy Dalton) patterned after Errol Flynn. With Jennifer Connelly, Alan Arkin, an actor as Howard Hughes and a killer patterned after Rondo Hatton. Note: A stuntman died filming the $40M box office flop, based on comics by Dave Stevens. “

    An actor as Howard Hughes? That actor was one Bill Smichrovitch (sp) of Millenium and Lost fame.

  7. “THE ROCKATEER (Touchstone)…”

    That should be “Rocketeer” (error in the source article).

  8. I am picturing a film festival featuring the works of world leaders. We’ve got GWB, Kim Jong Il, who else do we have, maybe Hitler and Stalin? I’m sure some other world leaders have made movies.
    I, myself, am skipping this film fest.

  9. What the hell is this horseshit? Two weeks before an national election and your running eighh grade fantasy psych paper.

    I want my money back. Anyone know how I get it?

  10. You pay to access Hit & Run?

  11. Geeze, so now every time he sees something he disagrees with, Terry is going to threaten to cancel his subscription?

    Wow. What a fascinatingly original tactic.

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