Has Darryl Worley Forgotten?


Three years ago, at the start of the Iraq War, small-time country singer Darryl Worley filled a void left by the Dixie Chicks—his song "Have You Forgotten?" was the jingoistic tripe Americans needed to wash Natalie Maines' treason out of their palates. Next week Worley is releasing a new album with a song, "I Just Came Back From A War," that takes a completely different spin on things.

I just came back
From a place where they hated me
And everything I stand for
A land where our brothers are dying for others
Who don't even care anymore
Chances are I never will be the same
I really don't know anymore
I just came back from a war

So has country's second-biggest jingoist (Toby Keith still wears the crown) turned into a Hate America First thoughtcriminal? We'll find out if/when Melanie Morgan bombs his house.