One Cheer for the GOP


First Ralph Reed evaporates into a cloud of dust and casino chips; now the Republican majority in Congress actually wants to pass a worthwhile bill? What's going on?

With Education Secretary Margaret Spellings joining them in a show of support, Congressional Republicans proposed Tuesday to spend $100 million on vouchers for low-income students in chronically failing public schools around the country to attend private and religious schools.

Great news! Let's get ready to… oh.

Congressional leaders said it would probably be taken up only next year, when Congress is supposed to update the federal education law known as No Child Left Behind.

Of course. Next year. This year, when the majority is in crisis and its marquee African-American candidates are grasping for some traction, any traction? No, best to focus on gay marriage.

Self-promotion alert: My take on the GOP's "stroke the base" strategy is here, and a take on the real-world politics of vouchers in Newark, NJ is here.