Goldberg: The Post-Match Report


Re: The Gillespie/Goldberg debate: I was champing to hear what Jonah had to say about his grappling with Gillespie last night, but so far only this:

Oh my stars and garters, what an odd argument we had. And what strange, strange conversations I had with some libertarians afterwards….The conservative-libertarian schism is as healthy as it has ever been, at least among our little subculture here in Washington.

Lest anyone wonder about National Review's continued relevance as it enters its sixth decade, it's still standing athwart history crying havok, and the world still jumps, or seems to. I got quite a kick, playing catchup the other day in some piled-up magazine reading, to see in its June 5 issue (published before that date, of course) an article by David Pryce-Jones headlined: "Target: Hezbollah" with the subhed: "It may well make sense for Israel and for an endangered world."

It may well!