George Will Hates America and Freedom


How else to interpret this Washington Post column, wherein he lays a finely-manicured smackdown on the The Weekly Standard's exhortations to war?

The administration, justly criticized for its Iraq premises and their execution, is suddenly receiving some criticism so untethered from reality as to defy caricature. The national, ethnic and religious dynamics of the Middle East are opaque to most people, but to the Weekly Standard—voice of a spectacularly misnamed radicalism, "neoconservatism"—everything is crystal clear: Iran is the key to everything.

Will goes on to ridicule the magazine's lust for war with pretty much everyone, pinpointing the more disastrous policy recommendations they made (some luckily unfulfilled). That would be brutal enough, if Will didn't stop, clean his glasses, and drop the baseball-reference A-Bomb.

Neoconservatives have much to learn, even from Buddy Bell, manager of the Kansas City Royals. After his team lost its 10th consecutive game in April, Bell said, "I never say it can't get worse." In their next game, the Royals extended their losing streak to 11 and in May lost 13 in a row.

Good stuff. Now, might Will want to walk across the WaPo columnists' playpen and calmy explain this to Charles Krauthammer?

The America Conservative's senior writer W. James Antle III reviewed the WS's 10th anniversary essay collection here.