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The Incredible Ass-Inspecting Adventures of Sen. John McCain


Via Wonkette comes this incredible Newsmax profile of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), one of a thousand leading contenders for the the Republican prez nod in 2008. The piece, which contains a fair amount of on-the-record quotes from former congressmen and senators and various other pols, focuses on McCain's–a.k.a. McNasty–temperament. Arguably the strangest moment?:

"People who disagree with him get the f— you," said former Rep. John LeBoutillier, a New York Republican who had an encounter with McCain when he was on a POW task force in the House. After LeBoutillier had openly tape recorded comments at a conference, McCain got the idea that LeBoutillier was secretly tape recording him.

"Are you wired up?" LeBoutillier quoted McCain as asking. "Of course not," LeBoutillier said.

"Prove it," McCain said.

LeBoutillier said he lowered his pants, apparently satisfying McCain that he was not taping him.

Much more here.

Reason profiled McCain way back when here.

Bonus McCain Hate Site: McCain tops Vietnam vet's list of 17 "poopiest people," beating out contenders such as "Taco" Bill Clinton, "Hanoi Jane" Fonda, Tom "CommieTommie" Hayden, and Ramsey Clark (who doesn't even get a sobriquet–mebbe Ramsey "anti-Vietnamsey" Clark?).


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  1. Does this mean that Bush wasn’t a mean spirited bastard during the 2000 primaries, but was actually bringing up a legitimate issue in terms of McCain’s fitness for office?

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