Meth Jokes: Now Taxpayer-Funded!


Back in April, the Minnesota alt-weekly City Pages published a satirical pro-meth entry in their "Best of the Twin Cities" list. It was abundantly clear that City Pages was writing against meth; nonetheless, they had to put out a firestorm started by radio hosts and a Republican Senate candidate.

That's how that went down—what's different about this?

Well, this is a faux magazine cover designed by the DEA as part of a swingin' anti-meth campaign aimed at those damn teenagers. If you can see the difference between the DEA's revelation—that the way to combat a drug is to upend the "cool" factor—and what City Pages was attacked over, you win a prize! (Note: Prize will not be meth.)

Nick Gillespie's demolition of Newsweek's meth hype is here; Jacob Sullum's cool take on the same topic is here.