Nippled and Dimed


Victoria's Secret not breast-friendly? Say it ain't so!

Only half a year removed from one breastfeeding scandal, Victoria's Secret is at it again. At the Regency Mall in Racine, Wisconsin, store clerks apparently told nursing mother Rebecca Cook that she needed to breastfeed her daughter in an employee restroom, not in a store dressing room.

Cook was so offended by the thought of her daughter "eating" in a bathroom that she organized a nursing protest in front of the Victoria's Secret location. 20 lactivists breastfed their children in protest as a part of a national nurse-in, bringing attention to the larger issue of the need for public nursing protections.

Yet the debate surrounding public breastfeeding continues, as many states look to codify breastfeeding rights through laws that would make any park or public space a breast-friendly area.

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