Bush and Gore, Meet Calderon and Obredor


Mexican presidential election too close to call–so both candidates call it for themselves. Hmm…if it is true that Calderon is the candidate of the rich and Obredor the candidate of the poor, is Mexico neck-and-neck rich and poor? Answer: No!

Calderon is ahead by about 300,000 votes in current count, with 87 percent of precincts reported. As for the only issue Americans care about when it comes to Mexico, both candidates are pretty much in accord on the quesion of U.S. immigration policy: they want no wall, more emigration from Mexico, guest worker programs, and amnesty.

Our own Dave Weigel poo-poohed growing fears of a red Latin America back in April.

I wrote in the LA Times on Mexico's recent failed attempt to reform its drug law.