Bush and Gore, Meet Calderon and Obredor


Mexican presidential election too close to call–so both candidates call it for themselves. Hmm…if it is true that Calderon is the candidate of the rich and Obredor the candidate of the poor, is Mexico neck-and-neck rich and poor? Answer: No!

Calderon is ahead by about 300,000 votes in current count, with 87 percent of precincts reported. As for the only issue Americans care about when it comes to Mexico, both candidates are pretty much in accord on the quesion of U.S. immigration policy: they want no wall, more emigration from Mexico, guest worker programs, and amnesty.

Our own Dave Weigel poo-poohed growing fears of a red Latin America back in April.

I wrote in the LA Times on Mexico's recent failed attempt to reform its drug law.


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  1. At least most people trust our higher courts to not be corrupt, if not anti-Constitution. But in Mexico? There could be some serious unrest if the courts have to make a decision.

  2. I guess I meant to say, if not pro-Constitution. But I like the way it came out better. It unfortunately seems to capture the beliefs of most people, namely that the Constitution is a sacred document except for things I don’t like.

  3. At least most people trust our higher courts to not be corrupt

    You are joking, right?

  4. Just how clean are Mexican elections these days? And which side is more adept at stealing/”creating” votes?

  5. Calderon is up by 370,000 with 97.48% counted according to the IFE website’s official count (not yet certified, though). Obredor is claiming to be the victor and even said on TV that the IFE has declared it.

    There are some scattered reports that Obredor’s supporters have begun hostage taking in polling places and kidnappings of election officials in the face of the injustice that Obredor has sworn is occuring. He has stated that no other result than his victory is acceptable.

    Fun times.

  6. Oddly enough, the electoral system in Mexico is better than the american one, no ‘hanging chads’ or dead people voting anymore.

  7. Obredor is the approved candidate at my place of work… it will be interesting hearing how they rationalize the result if he loses. And then, two years later, hearing them gush over a Kennedy article about it in Rolling Stone.

  8. Apparently Obredor is threatening street riots..er.. I mean “protests”.

    You got to hand it to the Mexicans. They’re going to make the Bush/Gore debacle look like a model of polite disagreement.

  9. Have the votes from Florida been counted yet?

  10. So it looks like we have a literal Mexican standoff.

  11. “At least most people trust our higher courts to not be corrupt”

    Translation: the party-line vote that stripped Florida’s courts of their authority to arbitrate elections disputes – but only this one time, no backsies – was SO a good faith effort by the Supreme Court.

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