Losing by Less


The Marijuana Policy Project reports that the Hinchey-Rohrabacher amendment, aimed at stopping the federal attack on the medical use of marijuana, was defeated today but attracted more votes in the House than ever before: 163, up two from last year.

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  1. So if this trend continues, in 50 years it will pass.

  2. Is this supposed to be considered a moral victory?

  3. Wish they’d post the roll call, and I hope to Jah my Congressman voted yes. He’s one of the “most vulnerable Republicans” in Congress identified by the DNC, and I’ve got a promise to drive around with the Democrat challenger’s bumpersticker on my car if he voted against this one again, which should cause a good deal of friction in the family as the Congressman is a friend of ma and pa.

  4. And they say marijuana doesn’t affect the brain.

  5. The roll call has now been updated and can be found here.

  6. wow we didn’t loos as bad as we did last year…yippy..

    sorry to be a downer but I just looked up who my counties contact for the libertarian party…this guy:


    I think in a year or two I might have to stage a coup.

  7. Holy cow! My Ultra-Republican congressman voted aye. I THOUGHT he inhaled.

  8. Wow-Tancredo voted Aye?

  9. My rep voted no (predictably). Problem is, that except on the various “wars” he’s not a bad guy. But on those he’s a real asshole.

  10. I’m stunned that my congressman (and future Senator) Sherrod Brown voted aye. Too bad he’s such a protectionist prick, but considering how reprehensible Mike DeWine is, Brown can only be an improvement.

  11. I’m split, my old Rep in CA, Jane Harman, voted Aye. Sadly, my current Rep, Chris “Count” Chocola, voted no. Curse you red state rep.

  12. Just in case anyone has ever wondered what would happen if Superman and Spider-man were in the same (Italian) movie.

  13. “http://www.cornertheweb.com/billallyn/index.htm”

    holy fucking shit we are doomed

  14. My NYC GOP congressman Vito Fossella voted no predictably. I think his positions are identical to Sean Hannity on most issues.

  15. Looks like I’ll be sporting a new bumpersticker.
    Kirsten Gillibrand for Congress!

  16. Yet again Don “Pocket Lining” Young voted against it. You would think that in a state of only 600,000 people, 58% of whom voted yes to a MMJ proposition this would be a point of contention for his reelection but I have yet to find an instance of where that is the case.

  17. This is a state’s rights issue but all the drug-warriors see is a supposed “trojan horse” to get marijuana legalized. Republicans would have you believe that they are for state’s rights but obviously that is total BS.

    A special thanks to Luke Brown for linking the roll call.


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