The Mandatory Miracle of Life


The nannification of Britain's once-proud Conservative party continues at warp-speed. In a speech tomorrow, party leader David Cameron will take a bold stand in favor of fathers attending their kids' births.

Mr Cameron, 39, will say in a speech on Tuesday that childbirth can be a key bonding moment or a "missed opportunity which leaves a couple drifting apart".

He will propose a policy review group looks at how to help new parents.

Mr Cameron will also reportedly say gay partners who have had a civil ceremony should enjoy the same tax breaks as heterosexual married couples.

Mr Cameron, a father of three, will say "making sure both parents are really engaged at the moment of birth is therefore important".

"Our policy review will be looking to learn lessons from successful projects around the world addressing this specific aspect of the couple relationship," he will tell the National Parenting Institute.

In 19 years the world's oldest conservative party has gone from "there's no such thing as society" to "the government wants you to cuddle." Was the lack of fathers at births even a problem before? I mean, assuming the NHS could let them into a hospital?