Fair and Balanced


The news team from Fox wrapped up an interview with Terry McAuliffe and relaxed into a bull session about the conference and the Democrats. First subject of discussion: Bush's trip to Iraq today was "totally the mark of Tony Snow." Also discussed:

FOX GUY 1: You know what's going to kill the Democrats?

FOX GUY 2: Themselves?

FOX GUY 1: If before his term is up, they catch bin Laden—through Iraqi channels. That would just…

And here he trailed off, but I think he meant "beat them to a bloody pulp, not that I'm speculating on what would be good for Republicans or anything."

UPDATE: To be fair to Fox, everyone's speculating on what would be good for Republicans. The no-Rove-indictment and Bush-in-Baghdad news has been greeted with some cynicism and some grit teeth among the actual conference attendees.