How Tim Voted, 6.6.6


Continuing my full disclosure campaign, here is how I voted on June 6, 2006. Click links to see the full ballot offerings. I was voting on the Libertarian ticket; otherwise there would have been more write-ins:

State Executive Offices

Lawrence Olivier, deceased actor

Lieutenant Governor
Lynnette Shaw, caregiver/musician

Secretary of State
Gail K. Lightfoot, retired nurse

Rafael, painter/ninja turtle

Marian Smithson, city treasurer/CPA

Attorney General
Kenneth A. Weissman, attorney at law

Insurance Commissioner
Dale F. Ogden, actuary/insurance consultant

State Board of Equalization; District 1
Kennita Watson, retired quality engineer

State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Diane A. Lenning, educator/author/businessowner

Member of the State Assembly
Starchild, journalist/performance artist

United States Senator
Michael S. Metti, parent/educator/businessman

United States Representative
Doktor Zumf, psychoanalyst, childcare expert

Superior Court Judge; County of San Francisco; Seat 8
Lillian K. Sing, judge

State Propositions

Proposition 81. California Reading and Literacy Improvement and Public Library Construction and Renovation Bond Act of 2006—State of California (Bond Issue—Majority Approval Required)
Shall the state sell $600 million in bonds to provide grants to local agencies for the construction, renovation, and/or expansion of local library facilities?

Proposition 82. Preschool Education.
Tax on Incomes Over $400,000 for Individuals; $800,000 for Couples—State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute—Majority Approval Required)

Should the California Constitution and state law be amended to create and support a new, publicly funded, voluntary preschool program for children to attend in the year prior to kindergarten, to be funded by an increase in personal income tax rates for high income individuals?

Local Measures

Proposition A. Additional Funding for Homicide Prevention Services—City and County of San Francisco (Charter Amendment—Majority Approval Required—50%+1)
Shall the City allocate an additional $10 million primarily from the City's General Fund for each of the next three fiscal years for violence prevention and intervention services, establish a Homicide Prevention Planning Council to develop and annually revise a Homicide Prevention Plan, and create a Survivors' Advocate and a Survivors' Fund in the Office of the District Attorney?

Proposition B. Eviction Disclosure Ordinance—City and County of San Francisco (Ordinance—Majority Approval Required—50% + 1)
Shall the City change its laws to require landlords who offer to sell buildings of two or more residential units to disclose to all potential buyers the specific legal grounds for any evictions that result in vacant units at the time of sale and whether the evicted tenants were elderly or disabled?

Proposition C. Appointing Elected Officials to the Transbay Joint Powers Authority—City and County of San Francisco (Ordinance—Majority Approval Required—50% + 1)
Shall the City change the appointment process for the City's three representatives to the Transbay Joint Powers Authority by specifically designating the Mayor and two members of the Board of Supervisors to represent the City?

Proposition D. Zoning Changes to Limit Services at Laguna Honda Hospital and Other Residential Health Care Facilities—City and County of San Francisco (Ordinance—Majority Approval Required—50% + 1)
Shall the City amend the Planning Code to create the "Laguna Honda Hospital Special Use District" that includes the site of Laguna Honda Hospital, limit the patients who can receive services at Laguna Honda Hospital and certain other residential health care facilities, and allow both publicly and privately-owned residential health care facilities in "public" districts throughout San Francisco?