And Now, Memorial Day Spam


The Hurricane Katrina spam-scams probably set the record for gracelessness. But this little missive, received just an hour or so ago, comes pretty close.

Dear Friend,
I know you would be surprised to read from someone relatively unknown to you, but before i continue, My name is Capt. Donovan Greene, a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, which was deployed to Iraq in the beginning of the war in Iraq. I would like to share some highly personal classified information about my personal experience and role which I played in the pursuit of my career serving under the U.S 1st Marine Division which was at the fore-front of the war in Iraq.

Though, I would oblige to hold back certain information for security reasons for now until you have found the time to visit the BBC website stated below to enable you have insight as to what I'm intending to share with you, believing that it would be of your desired interest one way or the other.
But in a nutshell, we want to move some part of this money out and we need a honest and brave and capable person who can assist and use the money for investments profitable enough for us to lay back on something good when we come back, because for now my health is not sound enough and very soon i will be relieved of my service.
please upon your acceptance to work with us send me your full names, address and contact telephone and time you can be called for security purpose, the diplomat in charge will call you, we are running out of time please.
Please send your response via email to

Anyone else disappointed that the letter isn't from Capt. Larry Odagwu of the special Nigerian strike force in Iraq?