Protocols of the Elders of Aztlan


The graphics department at Lou Dobbs Tonight has fewer qualms than you might think about using the Council of Conservative Citizens as a source of anti-Mexican propaganda. But Dobbs is a ways off from doing what the hosts of Fox and Friends did, and playing country singer Michael Anthony's anti-Mexican anthem "Fly With The Eagle" on the air. Here are some of Anthony's lyrics:

America's seen the wayward hearts
And opened up her shores
Said if you live by the law of the land
You could not ask for more.

But her resources are fadin'
She's on the verge of goin' bust
From those that we've let cross her lines
And abuse her sacred trust.

Hey, if you're legal,
You can fly with the eagle
And live the dream
And make yourself a name.

But if you ain't legal,
You can't fly with the eagle, no,
You need to leave here
And go back from where you came.

So, who wants to break it to him that the eagle is one of the symbols of Mexico?