Plame Hypocritical


From the gutter, the Cole-Hitchens fight has descended into the sewer. Now Cole is quoting a letter by an anonymous "insider" on his blog that is both inaccurate (Hitchens never "threw in" with David Irving) and, indeed, borderline libelous. Cole was affronted by Hitchens' unethical quoting from a letter Cole posted to the private Gulf 2000 website, but has no ethical constraints when it comes to tarnishing Hitchens' reputation by using an anonymous source who also happens to be wrong.

(C'mon Juan, some transparency, I mean it was you who was whining hardest about how scurrilous the Bush administration was in its anonymous leaking about Valerie Plame's CIA affiliation. In the same way as you've been trying to discover who outed Plame, we really would like to know who your "person of long and wide experience with journalism and politics" is. )

Cole is, of course, on a straight course toward professional suicide, and I really can't see how Yale will hire him after his nutty performance in the last few days. I mean doesn't the university have enough problems as it is with all that publicity surrounding the Taliban student?