Pretty, Witty, and No Longer Getting Their Asses Kicked


The Chicago Tribune's Eric Zorn is reporting on the woes of anti-gay marriage activists in Illinois.

The [Illinois Family Institute] appeared to be having difficulty getting the 283,000 voter signatures they'll need to bring the question in Illinois this November. The Glen Ellyn-based organization originally set an April 20 deadline for volunteers to send in petitions (they must be filed with the State Board of Elections by May 8), but recently pushed that deadline back 10 days; it also cancelled a large rally against gay marriage planned in Broadview.

There are some different takes on what these means; Zorn's sources mostly think the A-FSN movement is teetering.

Reason has published plenty of pieces on this issue. Try Jonathan Rauch from 2004 (and again here) or Cathy Young, also from 2004.