Pulitzer Announcements


This year's Pulitzer winners have been announced, for journalism and those other categories.

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  1. The Rocky Mountain News story (Features category) is simply devastating. I’d recommend checking it out.

  2. Compare and Contrast

    Scenario 1: Government employee gives possibly classified information to a journalist who reprints the information with little or no impact to national security.

    Result: Other journalists outraged over the leak demand an investigation to determine its source. This leads to Special Prosecutor investigation resulting in a procedural indictment unrelated to the original subject of the investigation. No charges filed in the investigation of the leak.

    Scenario 2: Government employee gives journalist highly classified information regarding on-going anti-terrorist intelligence operation. Journalists print information causing significant national security impact.

    Result: Journalists win coveted award.

  3. Eric Lichtblau is a second rate climber playing tag along. No prize can make up for his complete lack of interest in the accuracy of his own stories. Quit while you can Eric before everyone else sees it.

  4. …the Pulitzer Prize selection process is as fair & unbiased as the Hollywood Oscars.

    Political correctness dominates.

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