The Filthy Bumper Sticker Gang


The Grier family of Georgia are apparently a gang of vile and persistant lawbreakers, flouting propriety and decency as a sick sort of career, according to the reactions of Georgia police. First, the 20-year-old kid was pulled over in Athens last year and forced to remove on the spot a "Bush Sucks Dick. Cheney Too" sticker; now mom Denise Grier is given a hundred dollar ticket for her "Bushit" decal.

She refuses to pay, and has obtained the services of an ACLU lawyer. According to the Progressive magazine article, Georgia's lewd bumpersticker statute was overtuned by its Supreme Court in 1991, in a challenge involving a "Shit Happens" sticker.

The Dekalb County cops have a suitably tough-talking non-response:

"We don't comment on other officers' tickets," says Officer Herschel Grangent, who handles media affairs. "That officer is making his decision on the street."

Those streets, ominously left unspoken, are filled with more filthy bumper stickers than you second-guessing desk-jockies can imagine, my friend, in your most hideous obscene dream. More, and worse, than you can imagine.