Birds Hate Fags


The appearance of avian flu in Israel is God's punishment for campaign ads supporting gay marriage, says Rabbi David Basri.

Glass-half-full interpretation: That must mean gay marriage will soon be legal in Cameroon, Indonesia, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, and Egypt.

Whether that means the good ol' USA will soon be getting same-sex marriage, as opposed to just getting bird flu, G-d only knows, but I'm pretty sure S/He's got enough reasons to strike us dead already.


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  1. How do you decide when to use God, and when to use G-d?

  2. In Soviet Russia, God uses you!

  3. How do you decide when to use God, and when to use G-d?

    When you’re quoting a nutcase, you use ‘God.’ When you’re subsequently taking Her name in vain, you use G-d. But mostly you do whichever seems funnier at the time.

  4. How do you decide when to use God, and when to use G-d?

    However it suits me since His name is not “God”. God is not a name, but a title. His name was blotted out and “God” substituted because the Hebrews though it too sacred to speak or print. How repecful it is to not call the Almighty by the name He commanded Moses to give to His followers.

    Am I getting any of this right?

    When do you use YHWH vs. Jehovah?

    YHWH = “I am that I am” or “I am what I am”
    Popeye is YHWH.

  5. My cockatiel seems relatively tolerant toward gays. But maybe they’re just kind of “that way”…a friend had a pair she thought were male and female until it was found out that Frieda was really Fred.

    So that’s why no eggs ever came of it…

  6. thank darwin i’m an atheist

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