Can I Get Bush as My Accountant?


It's good to know that the tight the president has kept on non-security domestic discretionary spending has "saved taxpayers $14 billion." I sure hope there hasn't been any massive offsetting spending. And dear sweet flying spaghetti monster, is he really still peddling this canard about being "on track" to cut the deficit in half in ten years—a projection that depends on his not getting the extension of the tax cuts he called for just seconds earlier?

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  1. Hell, why not repeat the canard – it’s no worse than the geniuses who projected steadily growing budget surpluses for 15 years back in 2000. Remember the battles between GWB and Gore on what best to do with those huge surpluses?

    Anyone who puts any stock in Washington budgetary projections is probably either a moron or working for the party in power (that often amounts to the same thing, of course).

  2. I think during the campaign he promised to cut the deficit in half in his second term. Wait a few months and he’ll come up with a new plan to cut the deficit in half in the next century.

  3. Julian, I didn’t know you were a Pastafarian. Welcome!

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