Did He Say…


Surveillance was authorized by statues? Like, the creepy ones with the glowing eyes from The Prisoner?

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  1. From an episode of Seinfeld:

    KRAMER: (eating some nachos) Anyway, it’s been two years. I mean isn’t there like statue of limitations on that?

    JERRY: Statute.

    KRAMER: What?

    JERRY: Statute of limitations. It’s not a statue.

    KRAMER: No, it’s statue.

    JERRY: Fine, it’s a sculpture of limitations.

    KRAMER: Wait a minute, Just wait a minute…Elaine, Elaine! Now you’re smart, is it statue or statute of limitations?

    ELAINE: Statute.

    KRAMER: Oh, I really think you’re wrong.

  2. Did he really just take a big swing at the anti-immigration crowd? Is there actually hope for an expansion of immigration in this whole thing? Do the Democrats have an immigration plan?

    McCain just laughed like a sonofabitch at that “earmark reform” joke. I did too. Line item veto resurrection?

    Ok, I had no intention of live commenting, but it is kinda fun.

  3. Line item veto resurrection?

    When I heard that I thought, “I’d take him a lot more seriously on the line item veto if he’d ever exercized the kind of veto he has now.”

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