No Supreme "Wackos" Until Ms. Public Scatology Shows Up


During a Supreme Court discussion of the free speech rights of public employees yesterday, New Chief Roberts suggested an entirely hypothetical situation:

New Chief Justice John Roberts had his own example. He said a law clerk might write him a memo claiming that another justice has a "wacky" approach to the law. Roberts wondered if he could fire the clerk, without being sued on free speech grounds.

Scalia said that the example was not a good one.

"Nobody's wacko here," he said.

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  1. this is what passes for legal reasoning from Scalia? obviously he’s senile. and whacko.

  2. it looks like roberts touched somebody’s raw nerve here.

  3. “Nobody’s wacko here,” he said.

    Could’ve fooled me. If not wacko, then perhaps senile?

  4. Cue Kenneth Keith Kallenback

  5. so they’re still looking for the sol, lone wacko?

  6. What a moron. How in hell can that man still be on the Court?

  7. You need to take a driving test every 2 years after you reach the age of 65, yet they let Supreme Court Justices sit on the bench for life without checking on there mental abilities, or lack there of.
    Does this strike anyone as strange?

  8. We need to make an amendment:

    Supreme Court judges last for 18 years, with new ones staggered in every two years. Reelections are not allowed, and in case, you die in office, you should appoint a successor first (it’s less Pelican Brief-y if you pick your successor instead of the President).

  9. Nice remarks, folks! But if they pass for intelligent comment on your book I really would be loath to read what you think might be a stupid one.

  10. Some jokes are told straight-faced.

    I heard a good one thrown into a TV news report a few years ago. The anchor was reading a list of typical professions of people who might be expected to have exceptionally high IQs. Dotctors, research scientists, etc. The last item on the list was “news anchor”. Nobody on the set laughed. For a few days I thought he was an ass for thinking anchors were so almighty when I merely considered them news readers. Then it hit me that I was the ass…

    I’m not betting a hundred bucks he was joking, but that would be my first impression. This seems like one of those “you had to have been there” things. …or he really does take himself/themselves VERY seriously.

  11. John Roberts is a kind soul. On the spur of the moment, he tried to come up with a hypothetical example of a law clerk writing something that would be over-the-top cruel and outrageous, and he came up with “another justice has a “wacky” approach to the law.”

    I bet John Roberts hands out the really big candy bars at Halloween.

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