Attn, DC Hit & Runners: Smacky Sez Redux


Prolific Hit & Run regular Smacky writes to remind me that she is pulling together people for drinks and socializing at Arlington, VA's own Ireland's Four Courts at 7pm this Friday.

Location details here.

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  1. Nick, I think you’ve shown us what’s slowing down Reason‘s servers.

    Alas, I cannot attend, being too many thousands of miles away.

  2. Thanks again, Nick.


    It’s not me that’s slowing the servers down…they must be overworking the server-hamsters…possibly doing double-shifts.

  3. The server should be working fine. Last night Hurley entered the codes into the Apple II on schedule.

    Just remember, folks, the Apple II only works if every 108 minutes you enter 4 8 15 16 23 42.

  4. Someone might want to point to the local tech staff that Babbage’s analytical engine is NOT, in fact, the latest word in computer technology…

  5. I won’t be there in body, but I’ll be with you in spirit.

  6. Jennifer,
    Keep your spirit, send your body.

  7. I was referring to the triple-post making the announcement. Then again, maybe that was just to emphasize the importance of the event!

  8. I won’t be there in body, but I’ll be with you in spirit.

    Oh come on, Jennifer. Only a marijuana-smoking, wasteoid pothead who is out of touch with reality and therefore unfit to be in the FBI would really believe that you can be there in spirit while your body is somewhere else. 🙂

  9. Smacky, if I were fit to join the FBI, how well would I fit in with a bunch of libertarians?

  10. When I saw the three posts, I originally wrote something like:

    Wow, our own dear smacky has really hit the big time! Three H&R posts devoted solely to her! Either that, or the squirrel in the server closet has gone on an enraged, steriod-induced berserker frenzy. I wonder if this will post?

    (Of course, it didn’t.)

    PS: Don’t forget what Jack Webb/Sgt. Joe Friday sez about interstate commerce. (WAV sound file, may not be suitable for uptight cubicle environments.)

  11. I think this is the place where I once told this joke and consequently drank on the house for the rest of the night:
    “What’s white and flies over the ocean?”

    Answer: Lord Mountbatten’s tennis shoes.

  12. My moon-tan is ready.

  13. Ha ha… I don’t get it. But maybe I’ll try writing that joke down somewhere like on the back of my hand, and then retelling it at the bar. Maybe I can get free drinks, too! They won’t remember it – they were probably drunk when they heard it the first time.

  14. In like the late 70s or the early 80s or something, smacky, the IRA blew up the Lord Louis Mountbatten (and his son, I believe?) while they were on a fishing trip.

  15. The Peoples Republic of Arlington? What has this high-minded-elitist blog come to when you’ll leave the district to booze?

    Welcome to the Commonwealth and Four Courts, with the County lock-up a convenient 2-block walk away.

    (Take Metro everyone; a night in the drunk tank’s plexi-glass inclosed cells smelling the hobo that pissed himself is only the begining of your problems.)

  16. Smacky’s a chick?

  17. There’s an off chance I’ll be in the DC area for Christmas, but alas, I can’t make it tomorrow.

    Have fun everyone. Unfortunately, I have a hockey game, so I won’t be able to join ya’ll in a drink until around midnight, my time, which is prolly a little late over there (~3am). 🙂

  18. Question about the meetups – Do the attendees reveal their secret identities or do they continue with the Mr. Black, Mr Blue Mr Pink stuff ?

  19. SM,
    Beware the Lurkers who never post but will be there within earshot of your table.

  20. SM,

    In NY, most people said “Hi my name is ___ and I post as___.” In my case, I had to clarify which David I was, the one with no last initial.

  21. Wow, our own dear smacky has really hit the big time! Three H&R posts devoted solely to her!

    Yeah, how does that work? I can say that I have actually EXCHANGED WORDS… IN PERSON with Ronald Bailey.

    Hmm, although I will admit that most of his reponses amounted to phrases which contained “back off” or “I’m warning you”. Then the police were mentioned. But still, I SPOKE to him. Not a word about me on H&R?!!


  22. Be thankful you’re not going to be in the district. Wednesday’s front page Post piece about the 0.01 BAC that is arrestable in DC (yes, that’s no typo, 0.01 BAC) scared me straight. I don’t even own a car and will now do as much of my drinking as I possibly can in B’more.

  23. “SMACKY’s a chick?”

    Nope, she’s a dame. And a real brick to boot.

  24. Is this the same SM who used to be a frequent commenter a year or more ago, but not much of late?

  25. smacky’s a babe, a bird, a broad, a chick, a cupcake, a dame, a deb, a doll, a gal, a girl, a lady, a lass, a madamoiselle, a maid, a maiden, a mamacita, a miss, a missy, a nymph, a rib, a she, a skirt, a tomato, a tootsie, see?

  26. Rick,
    “Is this the same SM who used to be a frequent commenter a year or more ago, but not much of late?”

    Verily, I am the man. Don’t really have the time to post comments anymore but I still read the print mag and am a regular HNR lurker.
    BTW – Wasn’t someone trying to work a San Francisco meetup ? What happened to that ?

    And finally, let me revive an ancient and beloved HNR tradition – this place has been going downhill ever since VP left 🙂

  27. SM,
    Coming from the SF area, H&R has been going downhill?

    Hope you can get a meetup going there. I try to drum up attenders remotely whenever and wherever I can.
    (I’m forever marooned in Sinincincinnati.)

  28. going downhill ever since VP left

    Who is VP?

  29. SM – I was just out in SF for the Love Parade. I love that town.

    Gonna try to find work out there and move!

    Got a sister that lives out there, too.

  30. Jennifer: Virginia Postrel, former editor of REASON.

  31. I’m having a get together next week but none of you are invited.

  32. So it’s the morning after. How was it?

    Oh, right. I would have known that if I hadn’t been trying to fit the initials to someone posting here.

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