Grand Ole Ones


Attention conspiracy buffs: An article in Hidden Mysteries argues, or at least declares, that the Illuminati, the Scottish Rite Freemasons, the Knights of the Golden Circle, and the Ku Klux Klan are all the same organization. John Wilkes Booth and Jesse James are supposed to be mixed up in the conspiracy as well, and James' grandson is credited with revealing this piece of data:

Jesse James said the Supreme Headquarters for the Knights of the Golden Circle was located in Nashville, Tennessee. The actual address of the Supreme Headquarters was 814 Fatherland Drive near downtown Nashville. You see 814 Fatherland Dr. was the home of Doctor Sylvester Frank James the older brother of Jesse James and high-ranking member of the Knights of the Golden Circle. What this has to do with country music is this. The ORIGINAL home of the Grand Ole Opry is the DIXIE TABERNACLE also located at 814 Fatherland Drive in Nashville.

Whether this is one of the peculiar coincidences of history or if there is a real connection between the Grand Ole Opry who knows?

Only God or Cthulhu can say why the author picked that moment to introduce a little uncertainty to his narrative, but let's go boldly where he refuses to tread: If this ancient occult order controls the Opry, the inescapable conclusion is that THE ILLUMINATI KILLED HANK WILLIAMS. I presume this was a part of their secret Masonic ritual, the Killing of the King of Country Music.

[Hat tip: Paul Krassner.]