TSA on eBay

Selling passengers' possessions.


Since it was created in 2002, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has confiscated more than 18 million items from travelers. Deadly scissors, baleful pen knives, evil sewing needles–all these and more have been seized from potential terrorists of all ages, then sold in government warehouses.

But if you really miss that nail clipper, you might be able to reclaim it without leaving your home: Several states are now auctioning off the TSA's loot on eBay. If you don't mind buying in bulk, you can put in a bid on everything from "50 Pounds Assorted Kitchen Utensils" (currently at $34.57) to "30 Multi-Purpose Tools Including Leatherman" (bid up to $219.39). If you've got a use for 100 pocket knives, you can pick them up for a cool $103.50, and if you're throwing a very big party, you might want to pick up 50 pounds of corkscrews (a steal at $26.88).

All prices are subject to revision. All goods will surely be replenished.