Attention, Seattle Reasoners!


You're invited to join Reason Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey and Reason cartoonist Peter Bagge on Tuesday, July 26, for a celebration of Ron's new book, Liberation Biology: The Scientific and Moral Case for the Biotech Revolution. They'll be getting together for drinks and conversation from 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. at the Elysian Brewing Company, located at 1221 E. Pike Street, Seattle.

Please RSVP to Mary Toledo before July 22 by calling 1-800-582-2245 ext. 3002 or by emailing her.

For more about Liberation Biology, including excerpts, blurbs, and purchase info, go here.

For an archive of Pete Bagge's Reasonania, go here.

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  1. Tuesday? Dammit, I guess I’m not going.

  2. Heck, that’s in my hood. Maybe I’ll go.

  3. Sounds good, but Seattle.. ugh… don’t suppose there’s any chance of doing something like that in Portland? 🙂 Would love to go but Tuesday makes for a late night drive back to Corvallis.

  4. If I lived up there I would go but I don’t live up there…

  5. don’t suppose there’s any chance of doing something like that in Portland?

    They would, but the permitting with the city takes 3 months. The city, suspicious that Reasonoids are full of crap, also requires a $10,000 per attendee sewage tax.

  6. Damn you people. I will be in Seattle JUST DAYS LATER. You couldn’t have scheduled it for the following week? *sigh*

  7. … and I can’t make it because they happened to pick one of two day’s I’ll be in the studio cutting drum tracks (just doing my small part to clense the stain of Grunge from Seattle).

  8. CMS,
    Hopefully at least one of those songs will be about the dangers of weight training. That or a remake of Crucial Youth’s “My Four Rules.”

  9. Rehnquist went to the hospital again…that dude should step the fuck down.

    CodeMonkey – dope…what kind of drum tracks??

  10. Lowdog: Progressive metal (w/ string quartet). Just cutting one demo song which (hopefully) will be on the Halo 3 soundtrack.

    [blatant plug]
    The band (i.e. the guitar player and I) is called Sweet Brown Otter Meat.
    [/blatant plug]

  11. Hm, couldn’t get any of the mp3’s to play from the website…I’ll try it when I get home…

  12. And don’t think we don’t appreciate it Steve.

  13. Spouse and I are going, driving up from the hinterlands of Olympia.

    Steve, I love progressive and I love mustelids, so I’m all over the otter site right now.

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