Free Dating Tips from Police Chief Settingsgaard


Peoria, Illinois, has a prostitute problem, or at least Police Chief Settingsgaard thinks so. He has responded by posting pictures of accused johns and pimps on the web–a move that has provoked some measure of public discomfort. To clarify his position, the Chief has penned an "open letter to Peoria's prostitutes, johns, and the Journal Star," and posted it on the Peoria Police Department Website. Some choice snippets:

Here is a novel idea. If your wife is not meeting your needs, try meeting hers. It can do wonders. No wife at home? Try finding a decent woman whom you can love, cherish and respect and then make her your wife. If you are not willing to put in that kind of effort, try a dinner and a movie.

To the recalcitrant editors of the Peoria Journal Star, Police Chief Settingsgaard continues:

While I disagree with your position, I appreciate the ideas that came to light as a result. You asked, "Why not post photos of drug buyers and drug sellers?" Be patient, we will get to your request as soon as we can.