Will the Senate Do Carrots?


John Bolton held hostage, Day 653: Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes 10-8 to send the anal-explosive public servant for a full Senate vote. Will he make the cut? Will it matter? Why hasn't he ever been seen together with Dr. Phibes? Which ten floors of the UN building will he cut out? Stay tuned.


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  1. Oh man, Dr. Phibes would be way cooler as ambassador to the UN. Especially if he whipped off that mask and showed his skull face to the general assembly!

  2. When, oh when, is Larry Flynt’s John Bolton sex club scandal, per Sploid, going to start waking waves?

  3. Orgy guys usually keep their ‘staches neater than that, don’t they?

    Bad day for right wingers with weird sex lives.

  4. At the risk of repeating myself, I must say that if government can’t be good, it might as well be entertaining. I hope Bolton is nominated and hijinks at the UN ensue. He reminds me a bit of Yosemite Sam. Loony Toons for the loony UN.

  5. No, it won’t matter.

    More importantly, why was Dr. Phibes so pissed off? It seems he was doing quite well. Vulnavia was hot and kept her mouth shut. What more could you want, besides world domination?

  6. Is it just me or does Dr. Phibes look a lot like John Kerry?

  7. John Bolton held hostage, Day 653: Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes 10-8 to send the anal-explosive public servant for a full Senate vote.

    Hey now, no need to make public Mr Bolton’s flatulence problem. So he farts on subordinates and the UN heiarchy, whats the big deal? He’s just naturally responding to years of his older brothers’ tormenting him.

  8. Bolton’s attitude toward the UN is one of his only
    redeeming qualities vis a vis a government job.

  9. Gotta love Bush’s knack for theater: nobody knew who this Bolton guy was a few months ago. Now he’s the AntiChrist of the U.N.
    It always SEEMS like sheer dumb luck everytime Bush judo-flips the Democrats, but he pulls it off time and time again.
    The U.N. functionaries won’t be saying “So – who’s this Bolton guy?”
    They’ll be, like, “Oh shit! Those fucking asshole Americans actually sent that fucking asshole Bolton to represent them!? Damn, son, that’s cold….”

  10. Helicopters… UN helicopters!

  11. I don’t know if it applies in this case, McClain, but I’ve often wondered whether “dissident” American political figures who attract howling right wing outrage are actually in on a good cop/bad cop game.

    “Listen, Slobodan/Leonid/Kim, this guy’s CRAZY!”

  12. Hope you’re right about that, Joe!

  13. McClain – Yeah, it’s the ONLY reason I can see for actually submitting the guy. I often think that was the UN & specifically European reaction when Bush got re-elected. Kinda like they did with Reagan – that whole “they really ELECTED that insane cowboy??? Twice?!?” It never fails to get a chuckle from me…

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