Why Liberals and Conservatives Suck (Reason No. XXVII)


Liberals and conservatives are working from opposite ends of the political spectrum, under opposing rationales, to reach the same end: expanded government power. As a result of the political push and pull between those advocating judicial activism and those favoring judicial restraint, two fundamental American rights-the right to earn an honest living and the right to own private property-have been stripped of vital constitutional protection, leaving entrepreneurs and small property owners especially vulnerable to backroom deals and majoritarian whims.

What he says. "He" is Chip Mellor, the head honcho of Institute for Justice, the libertarian public-interest law firm (not a contradiction in terms!) that is one of the most effective and inspiring bulwarks against tyranny big and little. Among IJ's defendants: casket-makers, hair-braiders, eminent domain victims, kids trapped in shitty public schools, and many, many others.

The above quote by Mellor–who also sports a very effective and inspiring mustache–is taken from an article in The American Lawyer that is online here.