Doper Math (Ye Olde Englande Editione)


From Rogier van Bakel at Nobody's Business, who's commenting on a story in the Brit paper The Guardian claiming 30,000 UK residents die annually from smoking pot:

The most amusing quote in the Guardian article comes from prof. John Henry, one of the editorial's co-authors:

Even if the number of deaths attributable to cannabis smoking turned out to be a fraction of the 30,000 we believe could be possible, cannabis smoking would still be described as a major health hazard.

You follow? So even if what these medical mercenaries say is blatantly ridiculous (which it is), by their own admission they'll still insist that it's right. They've made up their minds, and that's that, and damn the facts.

In war, truth is usually the first casualty. Drug wars, clearly, are no exception.

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