Goodbye, Good Riddance


After an almost 30-year presence, Syrian soldiers have completed their pullout from Lebanon. Typically, the last man to leave was the thug who headed their intelligence network in the country. And yet before applauding too quickly, Syria still detains Lebanese prisoners, or has killed them. For the families, this is hardly a day to rejoice.

Correction–They aren't all gone yet, according to wire reports, but will be in the next 24 hours.

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  1. Buh-bye. Mm-kay. Buh-bye.

  2. Great. Now if we can just get the Persians out Mycenae we can go conquer Numidia.

  3. You know, 140,000 soldiers and intel officers who spent a few years living in Lebanon aren’t going to just right back into Syrian backwardness without a few bumps.

  4. I wonder what bothers Assad more: having to leave Lebanon, or having to bring all those military and intelligence types back into the country. It certainly ripens conditions for a Syrian coup, doesn’t it?

  5. That’s an interesting point. Plus, you figure that those troops/intel officers might have a bone to pick with Assad for pulling them out of that ripe assignment.

    Very interesting.

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