Let Them Eat My Cake Recipes!


The pre-launch Huffington Post continues to be a rich source for the kind of unintentional comedy I haven't enjoyed since watching the likes of Lou Dobbs, C. Everett Koop and Sydney Schanberg go bonkers with dot-com greed back at the end of the last Internet publishing boom. Today's laffs, courtesy of the New York Times, come from the sight of the HuffPost's Walker Cronkite and Nora Ephron—two of the most difficult Americans to avoid this past half-centry—talking up the joys of finally having a platform to freely express themselves.

"This gives me a chance to sound off with a few words or a long editorial," said Mr. Cronkite […]

Ms. Ephron, the writer, who is one of the bloggers, said it was this casual aspect of the venture that appealed to her. "The idea that one might occasionally be able to have a small thought and a place to send it, without having to write a whole essay, seems like a very good idea," she said.

She also sees the Post as a chance for the left to balance out the right.

"In the Fox era, everything we can do on our side to even things out, now that the media is either controlled by Rupert Murdoch or is so afraid of Rupert Murdoch that they behave as if they were controlled by him, is great," she said. But sometimes, she added, "I may merely have a cake recipe."