John McCain

The Big Money Boys of Campaign Finance Reform


The New York Post's Ryan Sager has a fun slam at John McCain and the other big money boys and influence peddlers of "campaign finance reform" over at TechCentral Station. It includes revelations about an issue of the American Prospect dedicated to the matter funded with $132,000 from the Carnegie Corporation (undisclosed to the magazine's readers), and John McCain's links with the Reform Institute, a 501(c)3 whose president is Rick Davis, head of McCain's 2000 presidential campaign, which boasts McCain himself as head of its advisory committee, and to which businesses with business with Sen. McCain donate amounts of money far in excess of what they could legally donate to Sen. Campaign Integrity himself. (McCain denies that donations to the Reform Institute could have any influence on him whatever. When you sign up for the Institute'e email list online, one of the four choices for what you are interested in is "Attending reform events with Senator John McCain.")